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 MBA Programme Master of Business Administration   KPT(JPS)(R2/340/7/0051)08/27 WIM College is currently offering Master of Business Administration. The duration of the programme will be 2 years. Below are the list of module title that student will be studying for 2 years : 1) SG7001 Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships (30 Credits).  2) SG7003 Business Simulation with Professional Development (30 Credits). 3) HR7003 Managing Financial and Human Resources for Sustainable Business Success (30 Credits). 4) MK7040 Marketing in A Digital Age and Corporate Social Responsibility (30 Credits). 5) SG7010 Supply Chain Strategy (30 Credits). 6) SG7002 Applied Business Project (30 Credits). The UEL MBA is much more than the subject-specific information and knowledge you'll be expected to learn; you will also learn a lot about yourself and develop a wide range of skills and qualities during your time here. The MBA will enhance your ability to think and act strategically and creativel

MBA PREVIEW 18th December 2021

  Good day to all of you,  Please be informed that WIM College is open for the next intake which is on 22nd January 2022. Hence, we would  like to invite all of you to attend the University of East London MBA Preview on 18th December 2021. kindly share this to your relatives / friends / colleagues. for more enquiries, kindly Call or WhatsApp C.E 017-889 3528


  What is Networking skills? Networking skills are the competencies you need to have to maintain professional or social contacts. Networking is a critical skills in sales, business development and several other industries. Networking skills are necessary to make and develop relationships with new contacts and promote something of value. Important networking skills to have Communication Active listening Social skills Public speaking skills Nonverbal communication Interpersonal skills Empathy Positivity Humor Focus Communication Communication is the act of exchanging information from one person to another. it involves speaking and empathizing with others to correctly receive the message that the other person is sending and responding accordingly. When networking, communication is essential to develop and maintain relationships with others. Active Listening Another important networking skill is active listening. To get people excited about your business and what you're sharing with th


No regret for me pursuing WIM-UEL MBA as they provide a great opportunity for me to enhance my skill and knowledge from business perspective including business strategies and critical thinking. The course is very intense and modules offered are diversify included marketing, operations, accounting, and finance, human resource and business strategy. The interactions during the class or group meetings are fantastic and challenging but promote and encourage critical thinking, which also give me chances to build robust skill set applicable to my business career paths, I utilize the skills learned from the MBA in my profession as a Chief Executive Officer, I have earned the respect from my doctors, colleagues and peers including my employer and I am considered an employee who adds value to the higher level for decision making. Rachel Yew Hooi Choo Chief Executive Officer Pantai Medical Centre MBA must fundamentally be a journey of mental, physical and emotional nourishment... of knowing ones

Message By UEL Vice- Chancellor

A very warm welcome from the university of East London (UEL). You have been given the opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject you are interested in, and to be truly inspired by your learning. The skills, knowledge and experiences you have acquired during your time at the College are second to none. You have been given the keys to success, and I know you will use them to further your lives. I hope you will use your learning to become active citizens and to achieve great things. You have the opportunity to become leaders of tomorrow, and to make a real difference to the world around you.  UEL is very proud of its longstanding association with WIM College. We both strive to provide an outstanding curriculum which is truly international and leading the way in best business practices. It is a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared commitment to learning. I would like to thank all the staff at the College who have done so much to support you. Their contribution has been of maj


WIM COLLEGE The Women’s Institute of Management (WIM), which was incorporated on 14 May 1993, is a Non Profit NGO with tax exempt status. WIM is formed to promote the advancement of women in society. WIM College, which is wholly owned by the Women’s Institute of Management, offers the much sought after Master of Business Administration programme from the University of East London (UEL), UK. The unique collaboration between WIM College and UEL has succeeded in fourteen (14) graduations within the past 20 years and we continue to be favored choice for reputable foreign university education. Many of our graduates, who are Malaysians (men and women) from various backgrounds and experiences, had progressed further in their career and lead a successful life with the earned MBA qualification. OUR VISION To aspire to be the best performing College in terms of Quality, Innovation, Productivity, and Success for our graduates. OUR MISSION To create leaders who excel in superiority of minds, and s